Indlæg af Antonio Wandersleben

Varer klassificeret som våben

Vidste du, at du kan sende alle slags usædvanlige, skrøbelige, værdifulde, og særligt klassificerede varer via Mail Boxes Etc.? Nogle varer er klassificeret som våben, selvom de kan virke som en harmløs samlerobjekt eller antikviteter. Det betyder, at for afhentning, opbevaring og forsendelse, virksomheden og personhåndtering af varen, kræver en særlig tilladelse til at behandle […]

Direct mail order from Triumph Denmark

The prestigious lingere brand Triumph requested an express direct mail order. Consisting of two catalogs and 2 price lists for the Autumn/Winter season. They were sent to Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, using both traceable labels and franking depending on the destination. It was a custom made solution, and the traceable labels have a delivery […]

Special Packing

At Mail Boxes Etc. we deal with different types of items to be shipped or simply customers who required special packaging. We had the case of a big harp that was traveling with the owner and needed to be packed for the flight. Even though we are never in control of what happens in the […]

More than a shipment

Shipments are getting things from one place to another, it sounds simple and boring, but somethings have a value that you can’t put a price on. This old rocking chair have sat 4 generations and it needed to follow the family from Denmark to the US. Pick up and careful packing was required to make […]

Laptop or tablets packing

At Mail Boxes Etc. we have certified packing material by the courier companies. The box allows for the laptop or tablet to be suspended in the middle of the box avoiding direct contact with the walls which prevent a direct impact to the product and the box will absorb the impact. Does your products have […]

MBE Denmark printing products

Are you running out of business cards or need new ones from scratch? do you need flyers for your next event, discount, or promote information? what about brochures and posters? T-shirt for your team? or large format printing? At MBE we have a variety of solutions in digital printing, offset printing and large format, just […]

Welcome Juan! – Graphic designer

We are happy to introduce our new team member Juan josé Fernández Bruniar. He is a graphic designer and will be working on our clients graphic design projects.Juan from Argentina has over 10 years business experience in start up companies and corporate. Juan as a background has been an editorial designer, community manager and graphic […]