Your all-in-one pallets shipping service in Denmark

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Use MBE’s Pallets shipping service in Denmark when you need to ship pallets loaded with any kind of goods or merchandise. From initial collection from your depot, factory, or warehouse through in-transit material tracking through to delivery notification. There is a reason this comprehensive service is used by businesses of all sizes to transport pallets of goods locally, domestically, and internationally.

Your pallets will always be in the hands of a team of logistics experts. Their knowledge of material handling and warehouse loading and unloading procedures ensures your delivery process is stress-free. Having MBE’s experts managing your shipment also ensures that every aspect of your shipment meets your requirements in terms of budget and delivery timeframe.

Rely on the proven reporting processes we have in place for the clients who use us to ship their pallets on a regular basis. We offer monthly billing, activity summaries, and other options too.

Arrange a personalised collection. Have the ideal carrier collect your pallets from your doorstep or loading dock. This is a complete end-to-end service.


Packing and stacking for most cost effective shipment and for most secure shipment 

Get the most cost-effective rate, specialised carriers, and more

We compare all shipping companies with global transport companies. SCS UPS, TNT, Blue Water just to mention a few. Ensuring your goods have the most suitable transit.

Use for any global shipment.

Whether you are shipping from Denmark to the other side of the world, or just to the other side of your local area, this service gets your goods to where they need to go.

Set up real-time tracking and delivery notification

Find out precisely where your items are on demand by using the track and trace tool.

Opt for express and expedited services

Need your goods to arrive faster than average? Let us know about your delivery priorities and we will always find you the quickest most reliable option.

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Vi ligger i hjertet af Østerbro, det betyder at du kan nemt finde os.


Vi sidder altid klar ved tasterne og besvarer hurtig alle henvendelser.


Vi bestræber altid at sikre vores kunder kundeservice ud over deres forventinger.


MBE har eksisteret siden 1980-tallet. Du kan stole på vores kendte, internationale varemærke.


Talk to us about the requirements you have in mind for your pallets shipping service in Denmark today. You can get in touch with one of our logistics specialists online, by phone, or by walking through the doors of your local MBE Business Centre.

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