Easy-to-arrange worldwide shipping from Denmark for any business and individuals

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Make the next time you need to set up worldwide shipping from Denmark a stress-free experience. MBE gives you a straightforward way to consult the service offerings of every single reliable Danish shipping company and wider international options.

Get in touch with us. Tell us what you need to ship and its destination. TWe will find the best carrier, transport insurance, due the customs for you to achieve smooth logistic without unnecessary delays.

MBE ensures that – for you – all it involves is letting us know what you need to send and where you need to send it to. It is the reason so many companies around the world outsource all of their regular logistics processes to MBE. And the reason we have been the first choice for individuals around the world for over 30 years.

One simple way to assess the best international carriers.

Let our logistics experts handle the hard work of comparing and choosing the best shipping options for your items.

Send one-off or regular shipments.

Request monthly billing, action summaries, and more. Small and medium enterprises around the world use MBE as their go-to logistics partner.

Send any items in safely.

Include professional packaging in your service and be sure that – no matter what you need to send – it will arrive safe and sound.

To anywhere.

Set up shipping to Africa, South America, North and Central America, Asia, and Oceania with ease. We cover all global destinations.

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Vi ligger i hjertet af Østerbro, det betyder at du kan nemt finde os.


Vi sidder altid klar ved tasterne og besvarer hurtig alle henvendelser.


Vi bestræber altid at sikre vores kunder kundeservice ud over deres forventinger.


MBE har eksisteret siden 1980-tallet. Du kan stole på vores kendte, internationale varemærke.


Discuss setting up worldwide shipping from Denmark to anywhere in the world today. Speak to MBE’s logistics specialists about making your single, sporadic or regular shipments happen online, or in-person at your local MBE Business Centre.

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