Choose from flexible virtual address and virtual office services in Denmark

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Select from one of 3 plans of virtual address and virtual office services designed for all kinds of businesses and individuals in Copenhagen and get just what you need to meet your requirements.

After all, you might only want minimum functionality from your virtual address. You might simply need a service which will sign for, receive, and store mail from any carrier while you are out of town or otherwise unable to claim your items.

On the other hand, you might need a full virtual office service in Copenhagen. This service would still sign for and receive your mail. Plus, you would benefit from a real street address in a known commercial area of the city. Much better than any PO box or home address for boosting your business’s credibility with potential clients. That’s on top of a whole range of other advantages aimed at all types of people and business owners.

Get handy notifications when you’ve got mail

You can visit us and collect your mail, parcels or boxes. We inform you via our platform, you receive notifications via your app or via email. You decide what you like to do with your post, parcels, boxes or pallets. We store it for you, we forward, we scan, or we shred/dispose.

Include mail forwarding for complete convenience.

Have us package or re-package your mail and then send it on to your home or business address – or scan it and email it to you. The process is controlled via a digital platform and managed by you via your app so we will never miss any incoming or outgoing mail, parcels and up to your pallets we receive for you.

Rely on security and privacy

Located inside a secure facility,your mail is never accessed by anyone except you and the discrete team of MBE.

Promote yourself with a real street address

Having a real street address rather than a postal box number adds real quality to your business.

Access a full range of other office services.

Pack and send goods to any global destination? Store all your packages while you are physically unavailable ? Require scanning or copying services? Your local MBE is full of the experts and equipment you need.

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Discuss what you need from your virtual address and virtual office services in Denmark today. Reach out to us online or by phone, or simply walk right through the doors of your local MBE Business Centre.

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