Shipping you can trust

Are you tired of shipments arriving late – or worse,  don’t anymore – get in touch with MBE Denmark: the most recent addition to the danish shipping, packaging, printing, and copy market. 

We’ll take care of your shipment to ensure that it arrives on time. Your contact at your local MBE centre will be ready to help you find the best shipping solutions to suit your needs, and will follow the shipment until it arrives safely at its destination. The world is not perfect and sometimes things go wrong even when you have done everything right, with MBE you can relax and let them find a solution for those frustrating moments.

We’re happy to take care of valuable, urgent, and miscellaneous shipments that need to arrive at a certain time. We are also happy to help with all sorts of packaging, from wine packaging, to cooling boxes, micro-logistics: we store, we pick, we pack, we send, we track, especially interesting for webshops businesses. We also do urgent printing and mass printing.

Pop by your local MBE centre to find out what we can do for you!

Sonja Weiss
Sonja has experience working with big corporations like Microsoft, Epson and NNIT and has been used to working all over the world. She has studied and worked in Italy, the USA, England, India and various other places in Europe. After more than 15 years in the corporate world her dream was always doing something on her own. In 2016 she founded WW Solutions with Antonio. Nowadays, she lives in Hellerup, but spends a lot of time visiting friends and family in Germany and England.

When Sonja isn’t at the MBE centre, she’s either spending time with her eight-year-old twin boys or travelling, finding her in the gym these days. Furthermore, she’s an active fundraiser for several charity foundations and here in Denmark for the Make a Wish foundation.

Antonio Wandersleben
Antonio has a degree in industrial engineering and has experience working in his native Chile as well as the USA, where he has played an integral role in quality assurance as well as optimisation of manufacturing processes and logistics. Furthermore, he has studied in Australia and travelled a great deal in Europe.

Aside from being a partner of WW Solutions Aps, Antonio is an avid sportsman who has participated in basketball, tennis, and the chilean sport ‘bodyboarding’ for many years. His danish wife has introduced him to winter sports and in his spare time, he plays football for Boldklubben Hellas.

Juan José Fernandez Bruniar
Juan is a graphic designer and will be working on our clients graphic design projects.

He is from Argentina has over 10 years business experience in start up companies and corporate. Juan as a background has been an editorial designer, community manager and graphic designer freelance.

We are very happy for Juan to join our small team to serve and grow our client base in the graphic design area.

About MBE: The story

MBE has kept growing throughout its history. The people at MBE’s 2.500 current locations in 44 countries use our business concept to solve the needs of local businesses and consumers in the communities in which they live.

Founded in San Diego, California in 1980, Mail Boxes Etc. was introduced in Italy in 1993 by Graziano Fiorelli as Master licensee for the MBE brand. Since opening the pilot Center in 1992 the Italian MBE Network has grown to over 500 Centers. MBE Italy also subsequently acquired MBE Master License’s rights for Spain, Germany and Austria.

In 2009, MBE Worldwide – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian Fiorelli family – acquired from MBE U.S. Inc., a subsidiary of UPS Inc., the Mail Boxes Etc. worldwide business (excluding the U.S. and Canada, which remain under MBE U.S. Inc.), including trademarks, business format and all existing Master Franchising contracts.  With the acquisition, MBE Worldwide became the sole owner of the Mail Boxes Etc. brand and franchisor of the MBE franchise system.

MBE Italy expanded to 300 MBE Centers and presence in 80% of Italian provinces thereby becoming the largest and most successful international MBE Master Licensee.

Master Licensees for Spain, Germany and Austria added to the portfolio. Network expansion increased to over 600 MBE Centers in the four European countries.

MBE Worldwide’s acquisition of the MBE franchise system compliments on going expansion of network to ca. 1,370 MBE Centers in over 30 countries. Aggregated network turnover exceeds € 330 Million.

MBE Italy celebrates 20 year anniversary.  MBE product and services portfolio expands via e-commerce sales of shipping, graphic and print, printer accessories (cartridges/toner under the brand name “MBE Print”), photographic and office products.

Mail Boxes Etc. grows to more than 1,600 locations on four continents. Aggregated network revenues top € 400 million.

MBE Worldwide acquired two US companies PostNet International Franchise and AlphaGraphics Inc. With these acquisitions, the MBE network now reaches around 2,500 Service Centers – including 500 in the US and 2,000 in 43 countries around the world.”

Product & Services

MBE operates in the business services industry offering shipping, logistic, communication and postal support for private and business customers – mainly small and medium-sized companies – to improve productivity via outsourcing needs and processes to MBE which are not part of their core activities.

Whether it is your time or your business’s, optimising it is necessary in the hectic, digital world in which we live.  Prioritising what is important can make the difference between top performance and mediocrity. MBE has a broad portfolio of services and products.  Our capability to handle their routine tasks or processes via customised solutions creates value for each of our customers.

You can trust our know-how. You can rest assured it will be done right. You can rely on our MBE people to turn the seemingly impossible into something possible!

The main services, provided through our entrepreneurs Network, are:

  • Shipping & Packaging
  • Graphic Design and Print
  • Retail Logistics
  • Postal Services
  • Other Products and Services


Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) facilitates the activities of entrepreneurs, people and businesses, worldwide, through our easy-access distribution network and customised services and products delivered with a distinguished and unique level of customer service.

Brand Identity

MBE’s brand identity, established via local and national campaigns on the web, social media, print media, billboards and other unique venue events, underscores MBE’s prominence and reputation for entrepreneurial excellence, superior quality service and enviable customer loyalty. A brand is only as strong as the people who stand behind it. We strive to live up to our brand’s every day.  The nature of the greeting, the listening to the problem, the completeness of the solution, the manner of communication, the style of the execution, the degree of accomplishment of the task – are embedded in the mentality of the MBE entrepreneurial community. Our brand’s success depends on our people getting this proposition right… for every customer, every time.