Mailbox rental and Virtual Address

At Mail Boxes Etc. you can rent mailboxes or have a virtual address for both private individuals and businesses.


800 kr.
  • Max. 10 letters, magazines etc.
    per month
  • Signing
  • Max. 2 packages a month
  • Notification on arrival

  •  Package storage:
    1 week (kr. 30 p. week after) 

Private premium

1.300 kr.
  • Max.30 letters, magazines etc.
    per month
  • Signing
  • Max. 8 packages a month
  • Notification on arrival
  • Scan & email forwarding,
    10 included, kr. 10 after
  • Package storage:
    1 week (kr. 30 p. week after)


1.300 kr.
  • Max.30 letters, magazines etc.
    per month
  • Signing
  • Max. 8 packages a month
  • Notification on arrival
  • Scan & email forwarding,
    10 included, kr. 10 after
  • Package storage:
    1 week (kr. 30 p. week after)




Existing customers renew your Virtual mailboxes. Please use your pre-registered email address to renew your mailbox.




Maximum storage is 4 weeks (magazines, letters, packages, etc.).  Longer storage period is done upon agreement as an extra service.

After the 4 weeks of storage if the items (s) have not been collected and no agreement has taken place for an extension of the storage, Mail Boxes Etc. ApS will dispose the item (s) as see fits. (Documents and personal information gets shredded).


– Private address is only for postal purposes and no CPR number or residence can be registered to it.

– Companies. We do not take participation in the registration of the company with the Danish authorities and we are not liable for the Danish authority’s approval or denial of your company registration and its requirements. 

Prices (excluded vat)

Key deposit (refundable at the end of the rent period): 100 kr.

You can download our Mailbox Agreement here – Feel free to contact us for more information.


Who needs a mailbox and a virtual address?


Copenhagen Street Address

We can provide you with a Copenhagen street address that you can use as if it was your own.

Whether for business or private use, our street address service has many different uses.


You may need a separate address for your business, without the expense of renting an office. Simple use our address as a low-cost alternative to renting a prestigious office. We can even act as your Registered Office.

Copenhagen or a Danish image

You may be based outside of Copenhagen or Denmark and need to give the impression that you have a Copenhagen or an office in Denmark.

Travelling, moving or leaving Denmark?

Use our Copenhagen address as your postal address to retain your presence in Denmark. We will either forward your mail or hold it for your collection.

Whatever your reason, a Street Address will give you a ‘physical’ presence and a professional image. The benefits are several:

·         A secure address for all your private post and packages

·         You will receive the item delivered to your mailbox or virtual address

·         We’ll sign for packages and letters from any carrier

·         We notify to you that a package or letter has arrived

·         You choose to retrieve, store or forward your mail

·         If you have a mailbox with us, you can also use your MBE center as delivery address for packages and pick it up when you are ready

·         We can open your mail and scan to email when you are out of town


How does it work?

Once you have signed-up and registered, you use one of our addresses like it were your own. A real advantage of our service is there is no need to have a ‘box number’ or ‘suite number’ – you use the address as if it were your own building.

Simply, your name or company name with our address. You can use it on your stationery, leaflets, website, give it out to customers and suppliers as if it were your own office.


Your name
Your company
Østerbrogade 226 st. tv.
(Osterbrogade 226 st. tv.)
2100 København Ø (2100 Copenhagen O)


How do you get your mail?

You may collect your mail from our reception area during usual office hours or like most of our clients, we will forward your mail on to you. All mail received can be securely forwarded on to you to an address of your choice. This can be as often as you wish – daily, weekly or monthly – you choose!

Your mail is sorted, bundled and re-enclosed into a plain single envelope, plus sending, envelope and label charge.

*Forwarding of mail is defined upon agreement.



Confused as to what we mean by ‘Virtual’ or ‘Physical’ when we’re talking about mailboxes?

Don’t worry – let us explain the differences:


A Virtual Mailbox allows you the use of our Street store address, without the need to have a physical mailbox for your mail to be kept in. Your mail is securely held by us to be either collected by you (within our opening hours) or to be forwarded on to your private address.

Virtual Mailboxes are favoured by those who live, work or run their business from outside of Denmark and need a professional mail receiving, processing and forwarding service.


A Physical Mailbox is an actual mailbox in our store for you! Your mail is received by us (signed-for if necessary!), safely stored in your locked mailbox ready for you to collect at your leisure. We still offer the same mail handling and forwarding services as with a Virtual Mailbox; however the bonus is having your own physical, personally serviceable mail location away from your home or business.


Download our mailbox agreement here:

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