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Welcome to Mail Boxes Etc. – your trusted and reliable courier in Copenhagen. With extensive experience in the industry as well as excellent levels of support and customer service, you can now send a parcel for private or business reasons with no hassles.

Also take advantage of our professional packing services for items that range from documents, letters, bags and luggage, antiques, high value items, personal belongings, forgotten items, and everything in between.

With us, you are assured of a highly professional service that puts you and your unique needs at the centre of everything we do. You can avail of tracking services for your parcel, choose your insurance type (especially for high value or fragile items) and be assured of the best and fastest methods of transportation.

As one of the leading couriers in Copenhagen, it doesn’t matter where your parcel’s intended destination is or how quickly you want it delivered. We strive to assure each of our customers of a quality courier service that you can always rely on. Simply contact us or visit our centre in Copenhagen to see how we can be of service to you in the most professional way possible.

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Partnering with major international shipping and courier companies including Fedex, TNT, UPS and DHL, it doesn’t matter whether you wish to send a package for business or private purposes – we are here for you. With our courier service in Copenhagen, you are assured of speed, accuracy, professionalism and efficiency with every package that you would like to send – whether locally or internationally.

What’s more is that with our custom shipping packaging, you can be assured of the safety of the packaging of your goods. We all know that parcels are exposed to bumps and shocks along the way. And the last thing you need is for any damage to occur to it. That’s why we pack your items professionally, ensuring that your item inside is fully secured. This goes for absolutely anything ranging from high-value items to documents and letters. With us, you are assured of quality service through and through.

When you choose Mail Boxes Etc. as your courier service in Copenhagen, you are assured of quality at every stage of the packing, sending, shipping and receiving process. We also help you with insurance of your parcels (should you require it) and you can avail of parcel tracking to ensure that you can monitor the status and location of your package in real time all the way until it reaches its final destination. This gives you greater control and more peace of mind and assures you of a highly professional service that you can always count on.

A trusted and professional courier company in Copenhagen you can count on

MBE Denmark courier store in Copenhagen

Whether you are planning on sending a local package or an international one, for business or private purposes – you can always count on one courier company in Copenhagen to help meet your needs. At Mail Boxes Etc., we have extensive industry knowledge and experience and our global reach makes us one of the most reliable shipping companies in Copenhagen.

All that you have to do in order to send an international parcel or even a local package or document is get in touch with us by visiting your Mail Boxes Etc. centre in Copenhagen or by contacting us online or by phone. Our friendly and professional team is more than happy to be of service to you and ensure that you get the greatest possible service that’s defined by professionalism, timeliness, efficiency and accuracy.

As a leading courier company in Copenhagen that partners with global giants such as Fedex, TNT, UPS and DHL, your courier and shipping needs are completely covered because we can reach practically every corner of the world in as short a time as possible. With our global partners and our international reach, your unique courier needs will be met with professionalism and efficiency. Simply get in touch with us today!

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Benefit from our long-standing experience in the Copenhagen courier industry, ensuring reliable and efficient service tailored to the local market.

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Ship your items to any destination worldwide with our comprehensive international shipping solutions, connecting you to major destinations across the globe.

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Trust our expert team to professionally pack your items, ensuring they are protected during transit and arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

Unlock the advantages of our Strategic Partnerships with Leading International Carriers

As partners with renowned shipping and courier companies such as FedEx, TNT, UPS, and DHL, we leverage their extensive network and resources to provide you with seamless and reliable shipping solutions.

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That’s right, we’re locally owned and close by, meaning you get your job fast


Our in-house services including packing and couriers mean we turnaround jobs fast.


Our reputation is paramount and we take great pride in our workmanship. Nothing leaves our centres without passing stringent quality checks.


MBE has been around since the 1980’s. You can trust our well known, international brand.


Get reliable and efficient courier services in Copenhagen today. Contact our team of logistics experts by phone, online, or visit our local MBE Business Centre to discuss your shipping needs and benefit from our tailored solutions.

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