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Valuable, jewellery shipping with insurance

With the value shipping of MBE, your precious treasures arrive safely and quickly at their destination. Valuable, Jewellery Shipping with Insurance at MBE is safe and credible. We ensure that your precious valuables get the best treatment and arrived safely.

You are a dealer, manufacturer, or private person and want to send valuable items such as art, antiques, or high-tech products? Then the security in transport and delivery is one of the key factors for you, your business, and your success.

The shipment is used primarily for:

  • Tickets, securities and identification documents with a combined higher liability and Express Shipping Service
  • Antiques and works of art up to a value of 30,000 euros

Mail Boxes Etc. ensures you a secure transmission of your valuables – simple and reliable.

In addition, the solutions offered are tailored to your specific needs and take into account the particularities of the desired transport. The following factors are considered:

  • Value of the shipment
  • Contents of the consignment
  • The fragility of shipping goods

Your personal contact at the MBE Center will take care of your products to ensure that your packages arrive on time and safely.

A proper solid box, the right filling and protection material makes the difference between an intact product or a cracked one. Is not that the carriers don’t care, but they handle thousands of packages that go through hands, trucks, airplanes and conveyors belts anything can happen so good packing is key.

Cardboard boxes

Depending on the type of your valuable items, you might need either one or more boxes.

Bubble wrap

It is essential to protect fragile and delicate items. However, it is also widely used for additional protection to prevent the objects from getting damaged or scratched during transportation.

Cushioning materials

Those are packing peanuts, Styrofoam chips, polystyrene sheets, foam wrap, and crumpled paper. They are necessary to fill the voids inside the box and restrict the items from moving around.

Adhesive tape

For securing wrapping materials and sealing the box. Plenty of adhesive tape will enable your box from being breached during transit.

After you have collected those materials, you can start preparing your valuable items for transportation.

Wrap the items with bubble wrap

Use several layers of bubble wrap to completely cover every single item you are shipping. If you have a new product in its original packaging, just leave as it is.

Prepare the box

Take care of internal cushioning by putting some packaging materials in the box.

Place the items inside the box

If you have several items, make sure to separate them from each other with cardboard scrap or plenty of cushioning materials. Afterwards, fill all the empty spaces with additional packing materials.

Seal the box

You need to make sure that the items are immovable inside the box. Seal it with plenty of adhesive tape and label “Fragile” if needed.

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