Terms & Conditions

Mail Boxes Etc. – Online Web shop Orders

  1. General
    1. Mail Boxes Etc. (WW Solutions ApS), Østerbrogade 226 st. 1., 2100 København Ø. Telephone: +45 31203616, E-mail: info@mbedenmark.dk
    2. The customer: The person who either acts for himself, another person, or on behalf of a company as authorized to place an order for a consignment at Mail Boxes Etc.
    3. Sender: The party who has the last contact with the consignment before delivery to the carrier company that handles the shipment.
    4. Consignee: The party to whom the consignment is sent to.
    5. Please note that the customer, payer, owner, sender, and recipient are five legally responsible parties with different responsibilities, regardless of whether they are one and the same or different, natural and / or legal persons. General law and case law apply unless otherwise stated in the present or subcontractors’ terms and conditions.
    6. These terms and conditions form the agreement basis on which Mail Boxes Etc. will transport packages and documents.
    7. Unless special services have been agreed, the transport services that Mail Boxes Etc.’s customer service must ensure are limited to the transport of ordered consignment, and where it is relevant to pick up and deliver the consignment.
    8. Rejection of shipment. Mail Boxes Etc. offers freight on behalf of reputable carrier companies, but does not ship itself, and is not a carrier subject to universal service in accordance with the Postal Act. Mail Boxes Etc. therefore reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse transport of any package up to and including the time when the package is submitted to Mail Boxes Etc. or subcontractors for the purpose of transport. This also applies, for example, to packages that immediately meet the suppliers’ conditions, but are assessed by the driver as unsuitable for transport, due to the nature of the contents, inadequate packaging in relation to the special nature of the contents or the like.
    9. These terms and conditions apply to all Mail Boxes Etc. activities and services performed on behalf of the customer, regardless of whether these are performed by Mail Boxes Etc. or by Mail Boxes Etc.’s subcontractors.

      UPS: https://www.ups.com/dk/da/help-center/legal-terms-conditions.page
      DHL: https://www.logistics.dhl/dk-en/home/footer/terms-of-use.html
    11. Mail Boxes Etc. uses subcontractors such as UPS and DHL to handle Mail Boxes Etc. services. Mail Boxes Etc. seeks to handle the contact to these on behalf of the customer, in case of any customer service tasks. However, depending on the situation, there may be cases where it will be necessary for the customer or consignee to communicate directly with the subcontractor.
    12. Terms that do not appear in the present terms and conditions, or the referred subcontractors’ terms and conditions, or are not otherwise agreed in writing between Mail Boxes Etc. and the customer, can not be enforced.
  2. Price
    1. What is included in the price
      1. The stated prices include any fuel surcharge and are displayed both with and without VAT.
      2. Prices for shipments outside the EU are VAT-free, and consequently fees etc. on shipments outside the EU also VAT-free
      3. The price does not include customs duties and taxes fees, refer to the section on Customs and Customs Document. The price is calculated based on the weight or size of the shipment, the so-called volume weight
      4. Volume weight calculation is the transport industry’s way of converting volume to a number that is comparable to the weight of the shipment. To find the volume weight, first multiply the length, width and height in cm. then divide by 5000. Eg. (LxWxH) / 5000. Some subcontractors may use other volume calculation factors.
      5. The volume weight is compared against the actual weight. The higher weight of the two is the calculation basis for the price.
      6. The price includes that the customer is basically covered for losses through the selected supplier’s standard insurance (refer to subcontractor’s T&C). In the event that the chosen supplier does not offer coverage or sufficient coverage. Further information can be found in chapter 15 “Insurance”.
      7. The price of shipments is calculated based on the customer’s entered information (size, weight, quantity, collection point, destination and desired service level) in the price calculator, which can be found at https://mbedenmark.dk/shipping/shipping-online 
      8. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the information entered is correct. If the information is not accurate, only the customer is responsible for any expenses which may incur.
      9. The price calculated at https://mbedenmark.dk/shipping/shipping-online always forms the basis of the customer’s price, unless another written offer is received from Mail Boxes Etc., the price that is shown and confirmed is applicable and considered accepted once the order is placed at https://mbedenmark.dk/shipping/shipping-online 
    2. Fees that are not included in the price
      1. Fees for errors, changes, or omissions on the part of the customer.
        In the event of errors or omissions on the part of the customer, the customer will be charged for any expenses that this may entail, according to Mail Boxes Etc. and the subcontractors’ terms and conditions. Depending on the nature of the error, it can also mean that large parts of Mail Boxes Etc. and freight suppliers’ delivery times, guarantees and general liability won’t apply.
        Fees are not limited to, but apply primarily in the following cases:
        1. Change of recipient address in case of error or redirection to new address within the same postcode on the customer’s initiative DKK 59, – (73.75 incl. VAT)
        2. Incorrect or defective address DKK 59 (73.75 incl. VAT) 
        3. Label not printed and affixed DKK 35 (43.75 incl. VAT)
        4. Not system compliant (not stackable), incomplete or insufficient packaging DKK 89 (111.25 incl. VAT)
        5. Incorrectly stated weight or size DKK 79 (98.75 incl. VAT) + Rate difference, real weight or size is larger than stated
        6. Exceeding the freight supplier’s maximum size for parcel transport DKK 119 (148.75 incl. VAT)
        7. Unsuccessful delivery attempt, denied receipt, no one present to receive at the address or non-collection in the parcel shop, which results in a new delivery attempt or return to sender DKK 79, – (98.75 incl. VAT)
          1. Failure to deliver to the recipient is considered as denied receipt. Whether the recipient refuses to open the door or the recipient is not at the address, it requires handling beyond what is agreed, which can lead to additional costs and delays.
        8. Unsuccessful delivery attempt, refused receipt, no one present to receive at the address or lack of collection, which results in delivery to the parcel shop or depot 35, – (43.75 incl. VAT)
        9. Private recipient address (when business is chosen) DKK 25 (31.25 incl. VAT)
      2. Consignee related fees
        1. When the recipient refuses to accept, freight suppliers and authorities are assigned tasks and responsibilities that go beyond what is expected and most often entail expenses. Therefore, subcontractors as well as customs authorities or others charge coverage for miscellaneous expenses, as well as any expenses in connection with destruction or return shipping. All expenses in this connection are the sole responsibility of the customer, who will be invoiced for this.
        2. In general, all expenses in connection with return shipping are charged to the sender / customer, and not Mail Boxes Etc.
        3. The price of business shipments is based on the easier access to professional recipients at the address. Therefore, most freight providers require a business recipient to meet several different requirements. This can be, for example, staffing during office hours, clear signage, located in commercial housing and the like. For the specific requirements, we refer as mentioned in 1.10 to the selected freight supplier’s business conditions, which are also attached in the order confirmation.
  3. Order confirmation / invoice
    1. When ordered and paid for, an invoice and address label are sent to the customer via e-mail. In addition, the present terms and conditions are sent, as well as terms and conditions for the subcontractor used, cf. the Consumer Contracts Act.
    2. Please note that these terms and conditions are essential as a requirement for the customer’s packaging and preparation of the shipping, the subcontractor’s handling, delivery as well as any compensation and the like.
    3. Once the payment has been made by the customer, the amount is reserved on the payment card used. When the shipping label is sent, the money on the payment card is withdrawn, as the address label acts as a credit note on the shipment. 
    1. As a starting point, Mail Boxes Etc. services are exempt from the right of withdrawal. If a purchase / order is cancelled, this can be cancelled by contacting Mail Boxes Etc. in writing via e-mail. If inquiries are made via e-mail, this must be marked with the heading “Cancellation + order number”, and sent to info@mbedenmark.dk, with the associated order number, order date, name and telephone number.
    2. Cancellation can only be made if the label hasn’t been scanned by courier or representative and within one month of the purchase.
    3. The money is returned to the bank account within 1-3 days of banking days for private customers. However, this may vary depending on the credit card used for the purchase.
    4. Once the shipment has been handed in, the right of withdrawal lapses.
  5. Collection / Pick up of the parcel

This service is not offered through the online web shop orders. 

  1. Handing in the parcel (drop off at a parcel shop)
    1. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the shipment is properly packaged and is delivered on time in accordance with the order placed. For terms and conditions regarding the place of delivery, please refer to the selected supplier’s trading conditions for the selected service, which is attached to the order confirmation.
    2. Failure to comply with the requirements of the terms & Conditions of the selected suppliers may result in significant fees and / or loss of the shipping, as well as exception of liability from Mail Boxes Etc. and the supplier’s side.
  2. Delivery
    1. Please note that the transport time specified in the price calculator is indicative, and any warranties or compensation for later delivery than stated depend on the selected subcontractors’ terms and conditions.
    2. For terms and conditions regarding delivery, please refer to the selected supplier’s terms and conditions for the selected service, which is attached to the order confirmation.
    3. Failure to comply with the requirements of the terms & Conditions of the selected suppliers may result in significant fees and / or loss of the shipping, as well as exception of liability from Mail Boxes Etc. and the supplier’s side.
  3. Delay
    1. In some cases, there may be a longer delivery time in connection with the packages being cleared through customs. Customs officers can always take a package out for inspection or put the shipment on “hold” until the information they need is present. Unfortunately, this will sometimes result in a slightly longer delivery time than stated. In the event of any intervention by public authorities that is not due to actions by Mail Boxes Etc. or subcontractors, all delivery deadlines and any associated guarantees and their respective possibilities for compensation lapse.
    2. You can read more about compensation in case of delay under the section Limitation of liability.
    1. When ordering a shipment, the customer will only be offered services from suppliers who are able to handle the shipment with the stated data for dimensions and weight. If the physical shipment deviates from the stated measurements, it may result in rejection of shipment or post-invoicing, refer to the price section. The offered sizes are not only dependent on the subcontractor’s generally offered services and options, but also on the specific trade agreement entered into between Mail Boxes Etc. and the specific subcontractor, which is why there may be suppliers who will not be offered in the price calculator, despite their capability when trading directly with them. Specific to the MBE Online Shipping Service the total dimension limit is 350 cm (Length + 2xWidth + 2xHeight <350), maximum length is 200cm (199), and maximum weight 25kg (24,99kg).
    2. If the individual supplier’s requirements for maximum size and / or weight are exceeded, any guarantee for delivery time lapses, and Mail Boxes Etc. and freight suppliers reserve the right to reject shipments in whole or in part or impose fees for the costs that the shipment may entail.
  1. Content of the Parcel
    1. Please note that only content with correct valuation is considered legal shipments. In the event of doubt in the event of any compensation, items are valued at the documented cost price. Used items are valued at the lower of the two following amounts:
      1. Documented cost price 
      2. The current turnover value

Contents with proven false valuation are categorized as prohibited goods, by which Mail Boxes Etc. liability lapses

  1. Valuable’s shipment
    1. Shipments with e.g., jewellery, watches, works of art, antiques, precious stones, stamps, unique objects, gold or silver may not exceed a value or declared value per shipment of more than 5000 DKK or equivalent in local currency, unless a separate agreement to this effect has been entered into with Mail Boxes Etc. for these shipments please contact Mail Boxes Etc. directly.
    2. Please note that shipments that exceed a value of 5000 DKK under no circumstances will include compensation from Mail Boxes Etc. or the sub-contractor. In addition, no amounts may be claimed that exceed the amount of the standard insurance (500 DKK).
      Possible customs documents refer to section 10.a, unless other applies directly of Danish law.
  2. Prohibited goods and dangerous goods
    Note: please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that no prohibited items are sent. Mail Boxes Etc. assumes no responsibility for pre-shipment checks. If prohibited goods are sent, Mail Boxes Etc. liability, and any expenses arising from the shipment of prohibited goods, including consequential damages and claims from third parties, are borne solely by the customer. The dispatch of prohibited goods may, in the worst case, result in criminal liability.
  3. Prohibited goods not allowed to be sent by Mail Boxes Etc.
    1. Alcoholic beverages
    2. Animal skins (from wild animals)
    3. Paint
    4. Easily marketable goods with a value exceeding DKK 5000 are prohibited unless a separate agreement has been concluded with Mail Boxes Etc. Easily marketable goods can be works of art, antiques, gems, currency, gold, silver, jewellery, watches, and the like.
    5. Products that are irreplaceable, including rare goods, goods no longer produced, collectors’ items and the like.
    6. Dangerous goods within the scope of the ADR Convention. These are generally objects which may be dangerous if not handled and transported according to certain requirements. Examples include pressurised containers, including deodorants with propellant, explosives, toxins, and the like. A full list can be found on the National Police’s website.
    7. Firearms
    8. Furs
    9. Ivory and products made from ivory
    10. Live animals
    11. Money and negotiable securities (e.g., cheques, bills of exchange, bonds, bank books, prepaid credit cards, share letters or other securities)
    12. Perishable goods
    13. Personal effects
    14. Plants
    15. Pornographic material
    16. Seeds
    17. Tobacco and tobacco products
    18. Goods which, in their form, are similar to or may be confused with dangerous goods or illegal goods. Examples include pranks and jokes, and the like, which in its design can be perceived as dangerous. In case of need for this type of shipment, it is the responsibility of the customer to make separate written agreements with Mail Boxes Etc. before ordering the shipment is considered legal.

See note in Chapter 22 for Extended List.

  1. Packaging
    1. The customer is responsible for adequate and sound packaging and labelling with an adequate address label per package (see address label section).
    2. Mail Boxes Etc. does not check packaging and does not replace transport damage if it is considered that packaging was not sufficient and sound.
    3. Packages must be packaged, with both internal and external packaging, so that they can be processed in several distribution facilities.
      1. For automated sorting to be possible, all shipments must be packaged so that they are stackable. Shipments that are wrapped in cardboard but are not box-shaped can incur costs and cause delays in automated sorting systems. Be aware of the selected supplier’s specific requirements and terms of trade.
    4. The outer packaging must be strong and intended for or at least suitable for international package transport. The material on the outer layer must be cardboard, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Mail Boxes Etc. prior to dispatch.
    5. The inner packaging must be snug, shock absorbing material and must be adapted to its contents.
    6. All cavities in all directions must be filled with a suitable material to protect the contents, even in the case of the shipment being turned upside down or side during transport
    7. The sender shall ensure that there can be no displacement, pressure, or shock, either between the objects or between the contents and sides of the packaging.
    8. For further description of the packaging requirements of the vendor concerned, please refer to the selected vendor’s terms of trade attached to the order confirmation.
    9. Note: Pay special attention to the fact that non-compliance with packaging requirements can result in costs and waivers of claims.
    10. In the case of transport damage, the following are not covered by basic insurance, but are still covered on loss:
      1. Porcelain and glass and ceramics.
      2. Electronics (applies to all electrical items)
      3. Technical equipment, including flat panels, computer, IT, laser equipment
      4. Further information on compensation and insurance in the event of transport damage and loss is further developed in the section Insurance / Limitation of liability
  2. Address Label
    1. It is the customer’s duty to ensure that there is an address label on each package in the shipment.
    2. The address label to be used is sent from Mail Boxes Etc. to the email address provided by the customer.
    3. It is the customer’s responsibility to forward the address label to the sender if the sender and customer are not one and the same.
    4. Note: It is not allowed to change the address label sent, as information is read on the barcode. If the address label is changed or damaged/incomplete at collection, Mail Boxes Etc. and subcontractor’s responsibility for the safety of the shipment will lapse, without the possibility of a claim for compensation from the customer if the package is damaged or lost. Any additional costs associated with the handling of the package are borne solely by the customer.
  3. Customs
    1. Our subcontractors or a local broker carry out the administrative customs clearance of up to 6 customs lines, free of charge.
    2. Mail Boxes Etc. shall not be responsible for any expenditure or administrative work relating to import/export customs clearance other than the abovementioned 6 tariff lines.
    3. Where goods for which customs authorities of the respective exporting and consignee countries collect customs duties, such expenditure shall be the sole responsibility between customs authorities, sender and consignee. In such cases, Mail Boxes Etc. may assist in customer service and communication with the respective parties as far as possible, but are not financially responsible, and these expenses are not included, either in whole or in part, in the price of the shipment.
    4. If the recipient country imposes import duties on the goods sent, the customs declaration shall be sent to the consignee. If the consignee refuses to pay the duty or to receive the consignment, it shall be the responsibility of the sender/customer to cover both any customs duties due and all other costs related to customs handling, including, but not limited to, charges for handling, storing and any destruction of the consignment.
    5. If the exporting country imposes customs duties on the export, customs collection will be sent to the customer. Similarly, it is the customer’s full responsibility to ensure that any other requirements, such as permits, registrations and the like, are timely and properly prepared.
    6. For the calculation/specification of customs duties and other possible administrative requirements, refer to the customs authorities of the exporting and receiving country.
  4. Customs Documents
    1. In the case of shipments outside the EU, a customs document (also often referred to as pro forma invoice/commercial invoice or similar) must be completed and one of them must be printed and affixed to the consignment. A further 2 copies must be printed and given to the driver or access/service point representative.
    2. In the event of defects in the completion, printing, affixing and delivery of the customs document by the customer, Mail Boxes Etc. obligations lapses and any expenses are the sole responsibility of the customer.
    3. Note: please note that only content with correct value indication is considered legal shipments. In case of doubt in any action for damages, items are valued at the documented cost price. Used items shall be valued at the lower of the following two amounts:
      1. The documented cost price
      2. The current revenue value

Content with demonstrably false value indication is categorised as prohibited goods by which the Mail Boxes Etc. liability lapses. See, if necessary, chapter 10

  1. Insurance
    1. The shipment is generally covered for losses through the standard insurance of the selected supplier, according to the terms and conditions of trade of the subcontractor concerned. For a value of 500 DKK.
    2. Note: please note that shipments exceeding a value of DKK 5000 will under no circumstances result in compensation either from Mail Boxes Etc. or subcontractors. In addition, no amount in excess of the standard insurance may be claimed, unless otherwise provided directly by Danish law.
    3. In the event of a discrepancy between any declared customs value and the value indicated in the proof of value the minimum amount of the two will determine the amount of the compensation and, moreover, in accordance with the applicable rules as to what can be insured.
    4. Note: please note that only content with correct value is to be considered legal shipments. In case of doubt, any damages case is valued at the documented cost price. Used items shall be valued at the lower of the following two amounts:
      1. The documented cost price
      2. The current revenue value

Content with demonstrably false value indication is categorised as prohibited goods by which the Mail Boxes Etc. liability lapses. See, if necessary, chapter 10.

  1. If you wish to buy supplementary insurance that covers over the standard coverage of 500DKK you can contact Mail Boxes Etc. and make a direct order (different rates may apply)
  2. Any cover that the customer wants that exceeds Mail Boxes Etc. basic insurance or the chosen subcontractor’s insurance will only be possible if supplementary insurance is taken out (Direct order through info@mbedenmark.dk).
  3. Supplementary insurance will cover loss or damage to goods which cannot be categorised as prohibited or dangerous goods. However, no transport damage to objects covered by the section “Packaging”.
  4. Note: In the event of the customer sending prohibited or dangerous goods, this could result in a claim for damages and the customer would be liable if the consignment causes material or personal damage in accordance with chapter 10.
  5. The coverage amount is listed under the following section on Limitation of Liability.
  1. Limitation of Liability
    1. If the customer does not comply with these terms of trade, Mail Boxes Etc. liability lapses in the event of the following damage or loss.
    2. Without purchase of supplementary insurance, no claim for damages may be made against Mail Boxes Etc., for amounts exceeding the basic insurance cover of DKK 500.00.
    3. Note: please note that shipments exceeding a value of DKK 5000 will under no circumstances result in compensation either from Mail Boxes Etc. or subcontractors if no supplementary insurance has been specifically taken out on the value of the package. In addition, no amount in excess of the amount insured and/or disclosed on any customs documents in accordance with paragraph 10.a may be claimed, unless otherwise provided directly by Danish law.
    4. In the event of a discrepancy between any declared customs value and the value indicated in the supplementary insurance, the minimum amount of the two will determine the amount of the compensation and, moreover, in accordance with the applicable rules on what can be insured.
    5. Note: please note that only content with correct value indication is to be considered legal shipments. In case of doubt, any damages case is valued at the documented cost price. Used items shall be valued at the lower of the following two amounts:
      1. The documented cost price
      2. The current revenue value

Content with demonstrably false value indication is categorised as prohibited goods

  1. Delays in delivery will only result in compensation if this has been agreed in writing with Mail Boxes Etc. The written agreement in question forms the basis of the terms that result in compensation. Subcontractors’ terms of compensation for delays do not apply without this agreement between customer and Mail Boxes Etc.
  2. Mail Boxes Etc. may under no circumstances be liable for indirect losses, operating losses, loss of profits or losses other than those referred to in these conditions. Mail Boxes Etc. are similarly not responsible for any losses due to circumstances that may be characterized as work stoppage, force majeure, terrorist strike, war, natural disasters, cyberattacks, etc.
  3. Delays caused by customs authorities
    1. Mail Boxes Etc. are not responsible for consignments stranded by local customs authorities. Release from local customs is solely the responsibility of the customer, sender, and recipient.
    2. No insurance may be claimed in respect of consignments in the custody of customs authorities.
    3. Any costs associated with return from customs are borne solely by the customer. Including both return costs, customs, destruction, storage costs, or similar local handling costs.
  1. Jurisdiction
    1. All disputes concerning the cooperation agreement and general conditions of business must be settled under Danish law. The court of Copenhagen, DK must be the first instance of jurisdiction.
  2. Complains
    1. If you are not satisfied with the service provided, you can contact customer service via the contact page at mbedenmark.dk
    2. As a rule, you do not have a 2-year warranty as it is a service. Therefore, please contact us immediately if you experience any problems.
    3. Claim regarding loss
      1. If a package is missing from your shipment upon receipt, the recipient should inform the driver immediately if possible. Furthermore, within 3 working days of receipt, the customer should contact Mail Boxes Etc., as an investigation requires urgent action and is naturally made more difficult with each passing day.
      2. If Mail Boxes Etc. is not contacted within 3 working days of actual or expected receipt, Mail Boxes Etc. liability may be waived.
      3. If an entire shipment has been lost, the customer must contact the Mail Boxes Etc. in writing via the contact form on the https://mbedenmark.dk/en/contact within 90 days of the expected receipt of the item. If this deadline is not met, Mail Boxes Etc. liability will lapse.
    4. Claim regarding damage
      1. If your parcel is damaged, do the following within 3 working days to be entitled to possible compensation:
        1. Always check the external condition of the goods on reception.
        2. Document the damage by taking photos.
        3. Contact Mail Boxes Etc. via the contact page on the mbedenmark.dk 
        4. Provide order number and include image documentation.
      2. The shipment including packaging must be stored so that it is possible for Mail Boxes Etc. or the subcontractor to inspect the damage personally for up to 4 weeks after the complaint has been notified, otherwise liability will be waived.
      3. The consignee must prepare any damaged packages for collection at the delivery address in original packaging for up to 4 weeks after receipt, if requested by Mail Boxes Etc. If this is not possible, the customer and/or recipient may lose the right to compensation.
  3. Limitation periods
    1. All claims against Mail Boxes Etc. must be made in writing as soon as reasonably practicable. In case of damaged or missing packages in a shipment, the customer or recipient must claim or notify to Mail Boxes Etc. within 3 working days of delivery, otherwise all claims may lapse.
  4. Complains
    1. If you as a consumer want to complain about your purchase, please contact Mail Boxes Etc. via https:// mbedenmark.dk/en/contact
    2. If we fail in finding a solution, you can send a complaint to: Center for Klageløsning Nævnenes Hus, Toldbodem 2, 8800 Viborg, DK. www.forbrug.dk
    3. If you are resident in an EU country other than Denmark, you can complain to the EU Commission’s online complaint portal here – http://ec.europa.eu/odr
  5. Personal data policy
    What do we do with your personal information
    1. In order for you to enter into an agreement with us, we need the following information: Name Address Phone Number E-mail Address
    2. We make the registration of your personal data for the sole purpose of providing the service to you.
    3. The personal data are recorded with Mail Boxes Etc. and stored for five years, for compliance with the Accounting Act, after which the data are deleted.
    4. When collecting personal data through our website, we ensure that this is always done by giving your express consent, so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why
    5. We do not store customer information encrypted.
    6. We do not transmit customer information encrypted. However, all payments are made via encrypted and secure connections provided by PayLike
    7. Information provided to Mail Boxes Etc. is in no way disclosed or sold to third parties, and we do not record any sensitive personal information.
    8. In addition, we cooperate with a number of other companies, including freight suppliers, who store and process data. Companies only process information on our behalf and may not use it for their own purposes.
    9. We only work with data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection.
    10. As registered with Mail Boxes Etc., you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to know what information is registered about you. You have these rights in accordance with the Danish Personal Data Act and your requests in connection with this are addressed to Mail Boxes Etc. via the contact page on the mbedenmark.dk.
  6. Notes

Prohibited goods: alcoholic beverages, Articles of particular value (e.g. works of art, antiques, gemstones, gold and silver), animal skins (not derived from farming/animal husbandry), ivory and ivory products, Dangerous substances/materials (according to IATA and ADR regulations), Perishable goods, Seeds, Live Animals, Furs, Money, tradable objects and debit cards with value, Plants, Pornographic material, Jewellery and watches (excluding jewellery and jewellery watches),  exceeding USD 500 or equivalent in local currency per package1. Tobacco and tobacco products, Arms. Likewise, the following are prohibited: products of the ATA Carnet and all temporary exports and imports; goods of FCR, FCT and CAD (Cash Against Document); shipments with inherent defects which, by their nature, will tend to soil, weaken or damage persons, goods or equipment; goods the cargo of which is prohibited by law in the country of origin, transit or destination (e.g. ivory and ivory products); goods subject to excise duty (e.g. spirits) or requiring special facilities, safety precautions or authorisations. Under current law, certain goods may only be transported under prescribed conditions and certain goods may not be transported by air (e.g. liquids in glass containers).1 Jewellery and jewellery and watches for which the retail price is less than USD 150 per item and which do not contain precious metal(s) and/or stones. Common goods that could potentially be dangerous goods Airbags (may contain Air Bag inflators, Airbag elements or seat belt buckles.), Air conditioning equipment (May contain pressurized gas.) Spare parts for aircraft (May contain goods running on fuel that cannot be completely cleaned and therefore must be shipped regulated.), Spare parts for cars (May include carburettors, fuel lines, petrol tanks that may contain fuel.), Barometers (May indicate traces of mercury.), Batteries (Available in many variants and types. Several battery types are classified as hazardous materials. This includes car batteries, many lithium batteries, etc. Protection against short circuits is necessary, even for batteries not covered by hazardous materials regulations. Breathing apparatus (May mean pressurized oxygen cylinders.) Semen of bulls (May indicate presence of dry ice or liquefied gas.) Camping equipment (Can contain many different hazardous goods such as: ammunition, batteries, hobs, flammable gas, ignition fluids, flammable liquids, heat producing packages, lighters, matches (both those that can be turned on anywhere and safety matches), flares, STERNO fuel for cooking or heating – the frame in certain backpacks may contain liquids). Chainsaw and other kinds of power tools (Will most likely contain residues of fuel.), Chemical oxygen (May indicate presence of an oxygen machine.), Cigarette lighter (Also Lighters or Replenishment gas for lighters or torches may contain flammable gas or liquid.) Computer equipment (May contain unbreakable power supplies with batteries, magnets in speakers and printer ink). Construction tools (May indicate the presence of batteries, CO2 cartridges and other power sources, saws or generators running on fuel, radiators that can all contain fuel, torches with kerosene, paint, drying agent and dilution fluid). Cosmetic products (May contain flammable liquids). Cryotechnical liquid (Means a liquid gas with very low temperature to be shipped as a regulated product). Cylinder/Container/ Tank (May contain flammable, or non-flammable gas under pressure). Dental care devices/equipment (May contain hazardous chemicals such as resin, solvent, or gases). Drilling and mining equipment (May contain explosives, acids, lubricants, mercury or other dangerous goods). Electrical equipment (May contain powerful magnets, mercury in switches, or any of the batteries, or unbreakable power supplies containing batteries. Electrical appliances (May contain damp batteries, or lithium batteries. Although the batteries are not mentioned in the instructions, they should be protected from short circuits.) Engine parts (May include carburettors, fuel lines, petrol tanks that may contain fuel residues.) Fertilizer (Ammonium nitrate can oxidize.) Fire extinguishers or other fire extinguishing equipment (May contain pressurized gas or fuel-fueled equipment.)

Frozen food (May contain dry ice.) Gas (May indicate the presence of a flammable liquid such as gasoline, a flammable gas or non-flammable gas.) Kitchenware (May include paint, bleach, pressurized spray cans, and other dangerous goods.) Hunting equipment (May contain ammunition for small weapons or other camping-related goods.) Ice machine (May contain pressurized gas.) Laboratory equipment (May contain various hazardous materials.) Laundry equipment (May mean strong bleaches or oxidizing fabric treatments.) Gardening tools (Things such as, but not only, lawnmowers and garden trimmers may contain hazardous materials by virtue of fuel and/or batteries.) Lighters (whether or not lighters or refillable gas for lighters or torches may contain flammable gas or liquid.)

Spare parts (May contain glue, paint, sealant, solvent or other chemicals and gases.) Medicinal products (May contain flammable or corrosive chemicals, infectious substances or radioactive materials.) Mercury (The term “mercury”- may indicate a shipment that is regulated.) Motorized equipment (Which may contain fuel or batteries.) MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet (may indicate that the product is dangerous. Make sure the shipment comes under analysis by an expert before it moves on.) Office supplies (May contain spray cans, with both flammable or non-flammable color, unbreakable power supplies with batteries.) Oxygen machines (Means prohibited chemical object that oxidizes and generates high heat temperatures.) Passenger Service Unit – PSU (May indicate the presence of an oxygen machine like those found in an aircraft.) Perfume (May contain flammable liquids.) Pharmaceutical materials (May contain flammable liquids, radioactive medications, or other hazardous chemicals.) Photo equipment (May contain acids, corrosive materials, bleach, or toxic materials.) Drills, screwdrivers and other kinds of tools with rechargeable battery (May contain lithium batteries.) Refrigeration equipment (May contain pressurized gas.) Repair kits (May contain glue, paint, solvent, flammable gases, or other dangerous goods.) Tests for research (May contain several goods that are dangerous goods.) Polling equipment (May indicate the presence of electrical appliances, batteries, power supplies, and other regulated materials.) Swimming pool, Jacuzzi chemicals and spare parts (May contain oxidizing materials or other dangerous goods.) Thermometers (May indicate traces of mercury.), toolboxes (May contain explosives (rechargeable batteries), pressurized gas (spray cans), flammable glue or paint, corrosive liquids, etc.) Vaccines (May be packed in dry ice.) Poison (liquid, powder or other can be toxic.) Weather measurement equipment (May indicate the presence of appliances containing mercury.) Battery types (There are many types of batteries available today, and many fall under the Hazardous Materials Regulation when transporting them, and must therefore only be shipped through a delivery company contracted to ship dangerous goods.) Lead accumulators (Common in cars, electric wheelchairs, certain fixed power sources for computers and other applications. These batteries contain highly corrosive acid and can cause short circuits and thus fire.) Other car batteries (Tested batteries that are proven not to leak may be sent as non-hazardous material within the borders of the United States. Batteries and packages must be labeled with “NONSPILLABLE” or “NONSPILLABLE BATTERY”) Lithium metal and lithium ion batteries.

Mail Boxes Etc. comply with the air transport rules established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the rules on road transport established by UN ADR and do not receive dangerous goods in its system – nationally or internationally. Local national rules also apply to road transport. Companies or private individuals who ship dangerous goods without proper labelling, documentation and packaging may be subject to significant financial and legal penalties. It is also important to remember the following when shipping items with Mail Boxes Etc.: 1 If you recycle packaging or boxes, make sure that old labels are removed. Labels labeled Dangerous Goods/Dangerous Goods on a package will cause the shipment to be restrained and examined, which will cause delays and inconvenience to you and your customer. 2 If you ship goods that could be confused with dangerous goods, if necessary, because of their unusual name, appearance, or otherwise, but are not, it would be advantageous to state clearly in the transit documents that the goods are ‘not classified as dangerous goods’. This ensures that the shipment is not unnecessarily delayed. Any incorrect declarations will result in severe penalties for the sender.