At MBE, Denmark we are proud to present a list of some of  our our customers.. We serve a variety and range of customers, ranging from individuals to small and large business. We consider trustworthiness to be our most valuable and unique selling product.

From small size shipment to extra large or odd size packages we have the right material, tools, expertise and option for you. Therefore, our esteemed clients keep on shipping with us every time giving us an opportunity to showcase our expertise and keep up with our efficient and effective packing and shipping services.

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What our customers say…

Success Stories

KUSINER designs, imports and sells high-end, handmade and limited-edition-rugs. Made by Bedouin women in the Negev Desert in Israel.

Logistics Solution

Mail Boxes Etc.  offer complete customized logistics services for Kusiner

With The help of MBE Denmark, Kusiner rugs get delivered to customers, and Nanna saves the time and effort to create the shipments.

We pack the rugs, collect them if necessary, we create the shipping profiles and updated the tracking numbers.

Havre Studio is a Copenhagen based collection of carefully curated vintage finds from Mexico City. The pieces are unique in style and age, and are altered and tailored according to each piece, pro-longing the life span of each item and giving it a new purpose.

Logistics Solution

Mail Boxes Etc.  offer complete customized logistics services for HAVRE STUDIO

Many of Havre Studio customers are based in the non-EU country. Usually, a shipment creation process takes approx. 10 to 15 min. from typing the address to printing labels.

Whereas completing the process of shipments to non- EU country can take much longer time, due to customs declarations, that needs to be fulfilled and attached to each shipment. Now imagine, that you have 50 shipments to do. How many hours, would you like to spend doing only your shipments?

With MBE Logistics Solution you can focus on developing your business! No need to spend time on shipments.

Madeleine saves time and effort, by trusting MAIL BOXES ETC. handle her shipments and customs declarations.

Some of our customers

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