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Have our experts pack and send any items you need to dispatch to anywhere in the world. We have relationships with every top international and local Denmark freight companies such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT and many more. We compare all of their offerings. Then we create the best combination of services – couriers, shipping and more – to get your items to where they need to go. Ensuring you always get the best deal on any shipment.

Then we pack your goods for you. This is handled by logistics professionals with access to the kind of sturdy packing materials which can protect any kind of item. Together, they ensure that your goods get to where they need to go in complete safety.

Send any type of item

Large and heavy goods. Individual packages. Your commercial products. Single important documents. Send any items you need to any destination.

Benefit from decades of experience

MBE has extensive experience gathered through safely and securely shipping items around the world for decades.

Include professional packaging

Rely on logistics specialists to carefully prepare your items for transport. We make sure your goods get there safely.

Get the best value for money

Have us compare all of the shipping, freight forwarding and courier companies in Copenhagen, across Denmark, and around the world. Then choose the options which get you the best deal.

Easily arrange domestic or international shipping to or from Denmark

Domestic or international shipping to or from Denmark has never been so easy to arrange. With MBE, all you need to do is choose the destination. We take care of everything else. Collection. Packaging. Track and Trace. Notification of arrival.

You might need to send goods around the world. Whatever your requirements for your shipment in terms of budget and timeframe, we’ll make what’s possible to meet them.

Have us handle customs

No more need to fill in piles of paperwork. Have our worldwide shipping specialists take care of customs requirements so your packages move around smoothly.

Ship anywhere in the world

Shipping to Europe? Africa? Far East Asia? Wherever your goods need to go, we find you the most suitable carrier to get them there.

Send goods of any size

From single packages or documents to entire shipping vehicles, pallets. There is not much we cannot arrange to ship for you.

Arrange pick-up from your address

You can even have us arrange for a courier to come to your address and collect your items. We then pack them for you and send them on their way


Are you sending valuable goods, or you just need extra coverage in case of loss or damage? MBE offers transport insurance that covers more than what the standard carrier insurance does. Specially for art, jewelry, electronics and other sensitive items.

MBE Packing service meets the requirements needed to be covered by the insurance.

Get notified when your goods arrive

You can track the shipment with the tracking number provided by the carrier to ensure your most important packages have arrived at their destination.

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Vi ligger i hjertet af Østerbro, det betyder at du kan nemt finde os.


Vi sidder altid klar ved tasterne og besvarer hurtig alle henvendelser.


Vi bestræber altid at sikre vores kunder kundeservice ud over deres forventinger.


MBE har eksisteret siden 1980-tallet. Du kan stole på vores kendte, internationale varemærke.


Discuss the international shipping you need to arrange in Denmark today. Visit us at Mail Boxes Etc, give us a call, or reach out to us online for a quick chat with a friendly member of our expert team.

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